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About Thesisphd

ThesisPhD, born from Goacademy International Private Limited, epitomizes academic excellence and global expertise. With a focus on guiding PhD candidates through every stage of their academic journey, we ensure unparalleled support and satisfaction, backed by a commitment to confidentiality and innovative solutions.

Thesis PhD, a renowned academic guidance provider for over 15 years, has assisted over 4,500 Ph.D. scholars and 10,500 Master’s students worldwide. Our dedicated team caters to students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals, delivering consistently high-quality writing and data analytical services. Each client is valued, and their needs are meticulously understood by our seasoned professionals and analysts, ensuring technically sound results within specified timelines. Our writers, often referred to as ‘Researchers’, tackle each unique and challenging topic with expertise.

We specialize in text and data handling, offering content development and statistical analysis services. Our expert analysts employ the latest statistical applications to derive meaningful insights from the data. Our team comprises qualified and experienced researchers, including Ph.D. holders, statisticians, and research analysts, who provide cutting-edge consulting and writing services tailored to your academic or business needs. We are passionate about research and provide personalized assistance, collaborating closely with clients to deliver professional, high-quality results within agreed-upon deadlines. Our services span various domains, offering support for individual sections or entire research projects at competitive rates.

Vision & Mission

At Thesis PhD, our vision is to become the premier research guidance provider globally, employing a holistic approach that transcends subjects, countries, and specializations. To realize this vision, we adopt a unique methodology for each research project. Through extensive discussions involving research experts, professors, data management specialists, industry professionals, and language and technical editors, we meticulously develop research works. Our scope encompasses research across all subjects from diverse countries worldwide. We provide guidance to a broad spectrum of researchers, including Research Scholars, Professors, Department Heads in prestigious universities, Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, and students.

Confidentiality and Privacy

At Thesis PhD, we prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of your research data. This includes your concepts, collected data, interview transcripts, printed and electronic copies of your work, research articles, and all related documents. We strictly handle this information internally and ensure it remains confidential. Before commencing work on your project, our experts sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, providing you with assurance and peace of mind regarding the security of your data. Your data is retained by us for up to six months, allowing you to recover it in the event of accidental loss. We guarantee that your research work will never be used by our company, professional writers, or experts in the future, as the copyright remains entirely yours upon clearance of payment.

Infrastructure and Security

Our team of research experts has been providing support for the past 15 years. We boast an excellent infrastructure, including 24-hour power backup and high-speed internet connectivity, enabling access to online databases for the best research sources worldwide. Our in-house library is regularly updated with international standard books, and our collection is refreshed monthly to align with current curricula. Regarding journal articles, our in-house and online databases rival some of the most prominent libraries in Chennai. To ensure the security of your research files, we utilize a secured CRM software with password-protected access, limiting access to authorized personnel only. We employ measures to safeguard your data from internet threats such as phishing or spamming. Thus, your research work conducted at Thesis PhD remains secure and protected indefinitely.

Our team leaders boast extensive experience in research spanning over 15 years, particularly in areas such as questionnaire development, research design, quantitative and qualitative study designs, and statistical analysis. Our technical heads will accompany you throughout your research journey, providing guidance and support to help you realize your dream of completing your PhD. From the initial identification of your PhD topic to the preparation of the final document, you can expect complete assistance at every stage.